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Domestic Violence Against Men

This webpage is dedicated to all the male victims of domestic violence by Tonya,Erika,Julie,Nweena,Chi-Chi, and Adriana. All of us are students at the University of California Irvine.

Different Types of Abuse

Emotional Abuse *ridicule or insults *crticizing or yelling *play cruel games,domination,or instilling fear

Physical Abuse *hitting,slapping,shoving,biting,cutting,spitting *threatening wit hviolence *neglecting when sick or injured *restraining,abandoning,or locking you in places

Sexual Abuse *forcing you to perform sexual acts

Economic Abuse *controlling your money if you work *wihtholding money, credit cards or access to accounts *not including your name on items you both paid for *refusing you the right to work

Personal Testimonies

Allen Wells-Battered Husband
Abe Lincoln Story
Battered Men Inside View
Men Battering

Additional Sites Dedicated To Abused Men

Same Sex Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Page
Legal Aid For Abused Men
Have been lucky enough to find this site

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